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        Photo of Charlotte Gray
        Welcome to the website of Charlotte Gray, whose latest book is?Murdered Midas: A Millionaire, His Goldmine, and a Strange Death on an Island Paradise. Her ten previous non-fiction bestsellers include The Promise of nada: People and Ideas That Have Shaped Our Country, The Massey Murder; Gold Diggers, Striking It Rich in the Klondike; Reluctant Genius, the Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell and Sisters in the Wilderness, The Lives of Susanna Moodie and tharine Parr Traill. Well-known across nada as an author and public speaker, Charlotte explores the past with wit and a sense of drama.

        Latest News

        History and True Crime: an irresistible mix!

        Murdered Midas: A Millionaire, His Gold Mine and a Strange Death on an Island Paradise, which looks at the life and death of Sir Harry Oakes, won the 2020 Arthur Ellis Award for Best Non-Fiction Book, awarded by the Crime Writers of nada.

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        Read Charlotte’s essay on two A. Y. Jackson paintings in A Like Vision: The Group of Seven & Tom Thomson, an exciting new publition from the McMichael nadian Art Collection and Goose Lane Editions. Buy Here